Why OlaGate ? | Multi-Property Management app | Property Management System | Facilities Management App


Save time and bring efficiency
Cross platform automation decreases the amount of time invested in every activity at communities, thus saving time for every stakeholder. The Cross Platform makes switching between tasks and community incredibly convenient, so you don’t have to stick with one place to finish your task. Do things on the go, in parallel. This helps boosts the efficiency and performance of every property manager.

OlaGate dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork making almost everything online, allowing you to cut the cost and help protect the environment. Workflow can be automated and done online by eliminating paperwork while allowing you to scale your business without the added costs.

Specially designed for Property Managers & Board Members
The special attention provided collecting the requirement of property managers and board members. OlaGate built to help board members achieve work & life balance, thus respecting their time given toward the betterment of their community.

The struggle of a property manager to stay connected with every stakeholder of the community is always challenging and proves to be difficult. OGPMgr App’s multi property view makes the property manager able to connect with everyone virtually all time. One touch community switch, brings specific community context in App, helps the property manager stay on top of everything on the go. OlaGate built cutting edge technology to keep your information secure while providing easy to use features.

Streamline property management & maintenance.
Whether you manage 2 communities or 50 communities, you can do all that is required for your job through the Single App. No more dependency on desktop or laptop, manage all your communities by just using your phone. With over 40+ features, our goal is to streamline all the aspects of Community/Condo/HOA management, operations, and maintenance. We listen to our customers and build the features they ask for, so as your portfolio grows, our software grows with it.

Stay connected with residents of all generation
We made OlaGate easy to use and customizable for residents of every age and generation. With our platform, you’re able to send users communication via email, text or voice.

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